Essential Question: How does history impact art and literature?

All of the worlds greatest pieces of art and literature came from our history. Artists look at the world and they represent it through music, art, and paintings. They draw their inspiration from the world, and their subject matter reflects upon their time period. The movements that were going on made people think a certain way, which was reflected through their art and literature. During the American Revolution, the king was oppressing the colonists so their art and literature was mostly about freedom. In the Russian Revolution, the russians were being censor-sized so their art and literature showed communism in a positive way. Many of the pieces I studied are things that I have read or seen or listened to before. I realized in doing this project that even though many great works of art were created a long time ago, they are all still remembered and loved today. Each person and piece of art I studied had his or her own story, all having a huge impact. If you go to a gallery or an art museum, you can still look on the wall and see Van Gogh's "Starry Night". If you are learning to play the piano, Beethoven; Bach; and Chopin are still on the list of composers to study. If your at your local library looking for a book to read, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are still on the shelves. If you are sitting in your home wondering, what was the first ever picture of a human, well that would be "Paris 1839". From all of the photographers to all of the authors I have studied, I had a personal connection to. I knew something previously about them that linked me to them. People in our world today look up to these historical figures in art and literature, and some say 'I want to be like them'. It may seem like the impact of these pieces of art and literature are small, but sometimes its the little things that count the most to make an impact on the world.