Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Erwin & Elmire

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a german poet, playwright, novelist, and philosopher. The play, Erwin & Elmire is one of his most famous plays. The play reflects a play from the romanticism era. In the play, the character Elmire has been deserted by her lover, Erwin. He feels that she has a coldness to her that he is not fond of. Elmire's mother, Olympia, and her friend, Bernardo, try to cheer her up. They sent her to a wise hermit who lives in a romantic hut. The hermit is really Erwin in disguise, because he wants to here from her lips that she loves him, and he does. They play was written in 1773 when Goethe was 24 years old. The play was inspired by Oliver Goldsmith's novel, "The vicar or Wakefield" (1766).