Edger Allen Poe: The Tell-Tale Heart

This piece of work is impressionist. Edger Allen Poe was notorious for his death-filled, heart wrenching pieces of work. The Tell-Tale Heart is one of his most well known, along with The Raven. Here is a link to read this poem: http://poestories.com/read/telltaleheart. In this edge-of-your seat poem, a man tells a story of his hardest confession. The man is very annoyed with another man who has a very blue eye. This man (the narrator) decides one day he cannot take it anymore, so he kills the other man and stuffs him in the floor boards. When the police come to investigate the murder, the man can hear the heartbeat of the other mans heart; the pressure of it all causes him to spill the truth. Many critics have said that "the story's unity of structure and economical yet powerful use of imagery" (gale) adds to the effect of the story.